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BMW 1 Series F20/F21 Linux Touchscreen w/ Built in Wireless CarPla

Linux Touchscreen w/ Built in Wireless CarPlay & Wired Android Auto


  • Apple CarPlay (wired and wireless)
  • Android Auto (wired)
  • Play video or music from USB


The head unit's Built-in microphone supports Siri and Google Assistant via voice keyword (‘Hey Siri’ / ‘Okay Google’) or by long-pressing the steering wheel voice button.



  • This unit is not an Android system. It must be connected to your phone (wired or wireless) to use CarPlay and Android auto functions. Without a mobile phone connected, you can only use the OEM system or simple music and video playback functions.
  • This unit outputs sound through AUX, please confirm that your car has AUX function before ordering.
  • This unit does not support AirPlay and Screen mirroring.


NOTE: Please make sure your car has AUX function. The CarPlay head unit outputs sound through AUX. 



  • Plug and play, no coding.
  • Compatible with all original OEM features. Contains steering wheel buttons, knobs, parking sensors, cameras, and more.
  • Switch to CarPlay or original system freely (press “Back” Button on controller over 2 seconds to switch between two system easily).
  • Wireless or Wired Apple CarPlay (AirPlay is unavailable)
  • Wired Android auto (Screen mirroring is unavailable)
  • Siri voice control, knobs, buttons or touchscreen
  • Compatible original parking sensors
  • Compatible original cameras and aftermarket cameras(Front camera, Rear camera and 360-degree camera. Automatic switching when reversing)



  • Screen size: 10.25"
  • Screen type: IPS
  • Resolution: 1280*480
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Bluetooth: Built-in
  • WIFI: Built-in
  • USB port: 1

BMW 1 Series F20/F21 Linux Touchscreen w/ Built in Wireless CarPla

Preisab 285,00£

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