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Mercedes-Benz NTG5.0E Hive MMI - Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android (E CLASS ONLY)

Mercedes-Benz NTG5.0E Hive MMI - Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Interface Integration Module


Built for Mercedes-Benz W213, basic model with 7" screen, plastic surround w/ analogue speedo


Our plug and play Hive MMI Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit module has been specifically designed for all Mercedes-Benz vehicles running the NTG5.0E software, this new system will give you the ability to use your favourite music apps, navigation apps and also mirror your phone screen in real time to your original screen on top of some other great features.


This retrofit will not require that you remove OR replace your original screen, and this software integration will work alongside your current Mercedes-Benz system, meaning you can still access all your original menus, service history etc.


BY THE WAY: It's fine If you don't have bluetooth and/or bluetooth music within your original Mercedes-Benz system that’s absolutely no problem, even without these features in your original system, this retrofit will continue to work flawlessly.


COMPATIBILITY: Any Mercedes-Benz System running NTG5.0E software. When the installation is complete, you can flawlessly switch between the OEM system and CarPlay.










Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

✅Supports both Wired / Wireless Apple CarPlay

✅Supports Wired Android Auto


Screen Mirroring and Videos

✅Supports wireless iPhone screen mirroring
✅Supports wired Android Phone screen mirroring

✅Video Via USB Memory stick - (check out our preloaded range of USB / SD Cards here)

✅Video In Motion coding is already pre loaded with this module for the use of your passengers


Front and Rear Camera (optional)

✅Add a set of OEM quality  front and back reverse cameras with dynamic turning lines as you move your steering wheel - it also integrates with your parking sensors if you already have them - find the cameras in our accessories shop here

✅Our MMI system can also continue to work with your original camera setup if you already have front and rear cameras


How do I control the system?

The system is operated by genuine buttons. (Siri voice control, knobs, buttons or touchscreen if you already have it - if you’re looking to upgrade to something touchscreen with CarPlay, check out our range of touchscreen display upgrades here)


How do I switch between the original system and the new MMI system?

On your Mercedes-Benz Controller hold the “BACK” Button to flick between the new Hive MMI menu and the original Mercedes-Benz system

Will this void my warranty?

No, this system is fully reversible meaning you can install it and uninstall it as you wish, without removing, replacing or damaging any of your original vehicle’s components, however if you really want to make sure, we always advise checking with your vehicle warranty provider 

Can I install this myself?

Yes, you have the option to install this yourself by all means, however we also offer a fitting service, you can take it to one of our approved dealer locations around the UK.

Does this need any coding done to it after it’s installed?

No, it doesn’t require any coding at all, our Hive MMI module is designed to be completely plug and play

What is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are driver optimised apps  based on Android's OS and iPhone’s iOS system, having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto gives you access to a variety of Music and Navigation Apps including:







•Google Maps

•Google Music


•YouTube Music



And a variety of other applications which are either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatible

These apps have been redesigned to be driver friendly whilst you’re on the road, allowing you to take calls, listen to music, choose your preferred navigation apps, all projected as an interface into your car, taken from your iPhone or Android Phone.

You can add Apple CarPlay/Android Auto as an additional extra as part of your stinger screen package when choosing the options above

PLEASE NOTE: only iPhone’s are compatible with Apple CarPlay and only Android phones are compatible with Android Auto


Disclaimer: Please ensure that you have selected the correct software variant for your vehicle as per the software chart checker listed over multiple locations on our website and that you have a working AUX/AMI function - this is solely the customer's responsibility to check before purchasing, regardless of any advice you may have been given. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.

What if I have questions about the unit after I have it installed?
Get in touch with our aftercare team at

Please make sure to leave your invoice number or order reference number in the subject and fire over  any questions you may have, a member of our team will contact you within 1 working day of receipt.

Mercedes-Benz NTG5.0E Hive MMI - Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android (E CLASS ONLY)


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