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GLC NTG 5.5 Apple CarPlay Activation (optional Mercedes Coding Cable

Allow one of our Mercedes-Benz experts to activate Apple CarPlay in your GLC (works on most January 2018+ Vehicles)



  • Must have the dual screen sign next to the right hand side USB Media port (inside your centre arm rest)
  • Not Compatible with any cars that have a USB C Port, only compatible with regular USB A input 

Mercedes coding cable/Remote coding sessions:

Please rememeber you will need a Windows laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to carry out a remote coding session. 


If you have chosen a remote coding session, you will need a Mercedes-Benz coding cable 

If you choose to have this activated directly at VEEHIVE or an Approved Partner Location, we will provide this for you.

Minimum Requirements - Must be running at least Mercedes  software NTG5.5


This works on 95% of occasions however there is the 5% chance your car won't be compatible. On the occasion that this is the case, we will return the balance minus a 15% fee for the cost of the diagnostic. 

Please note that if the engine of the vehicle is turned off, the laptop is turned off or internet connection is lost in the process of the coding this can cause damage to the car which can only be rectified by our appointed Mercedes-Benz Specialist in Luton UK

GLC NTG 5.5 Apple CarPlay Activation (optional Mercedes Coding Cable

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