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BMW Feature Coding Session (optional ENET Cable)

So, you’re here because you want to unlock some bespoke hidden features in your Beemer? Well you’re in the right place


At VeeHive Tuning, We code for all BMW’s including series E - F - G - I, and even Mini and Rolls Royce.


You can head to us directly in Newcastle Upon Tyne or if you have access to a windows computer, take advantage of our REMOTE SERVICE 🌍 


read more below...




It’s much easier than you might think


All you need is:


•A Windows Laptop (Windows 7 Minimum)

•An Internet Connection

•A K+DCAN/ENET Cable (if you don’t have one, you can buy one here)


Here’s a little run through of the process we take


Every coding session comprises of 3 stages:


1.The Connection: we plug into your car to connect, and  find out which features are compatible to unlock for you  on our coding software 


2.Pick Your Features: choose which features you want enabled for your car - go wild, it’s like a pick and mix 


3.The Coding: we enable the selected features onto your car, and test everything over before you leave with a large smile on your face


If I’ve taken out the remote service, what can I expect?


This will all be completed via WiFi connection(using some clever laptop to laptop  remote controlled technology and some special coding and diagnostic software) 


Book a session in now to find out and see what we can do for you

BMW Feature Coding Session (optional ENET Cable)

PreçoA partir de £45,00

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