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MINI NBT Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Retrofit Module

MINI NBT Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Interface Integration Module


Our plug and play Apple CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit module has been specifically designed for all MINI vehicles running the NBT iDrive software, this new system will give you the ability to use your favourite music apps, navigation apps and also mirror your phone screen in real time to your original iDrive screen on top of some other great features.


This retrofit will not require that you remove OR replace your original screen, and this software integration will work alongside your current MINI system, meaning you can still access all your original menus, service history etc.


BY THE WAY: It's fine If you don't have bluetooth and/or bluetooth music within your original MINI system that’s absolutely no problem, even without these features in your original system, this retrofit will continue to work flawlessly.


COMPATIBILITY: Any MINI System running iDrive NBT software. When the installation is complete, you can flawlessly switch between the OEM system and CarPlay.